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On Hold Music Services

On Hold Music Services

Did you know that 70% of callers are placed on hold and that 60% of those placed on hold hang up within just 45 seconds?

It's known that the best way to keep clients engaged while they're holding on to the phone is to entertain them.

That's what Amazing Voice’s voiceover services and music on hold services can do for your business.

Professional Voice Talents

Professional Voice Talents

If 88% of callers prefer on hold messages and on hold music, why not exceed their expectations with our on hold experience?

Featuring our 'Amazing Voice' technology, we professionally record customized messages on hold that fit your business and your customers.

Our professionals craft the best on-hold experiences for your customers - exactly the way you want it!

Custom Messages On Hold

Custom Messages On Hold

Increase your offers by up to 20% when mentioned in your on hold messages.

Cross-selling and upselling is a snap when you use on hold marketing messages to promote additional services and other special offers while your customers wait.

We also include other state-of-the-art audio production elements, including original music on hold and much more.

The special voicemail greetings can let them know that you are not open for business because you are observing a holiday.

Better Customer Experience

Better Customer Experience

When you use Amazing Voice to produce an on hold message for customer experience, our messages are proven to retain on hold customers for 30% longer, so you have a better opportunity to serve them.

Our tailored on hold message experiences entice callers with an irresistible call-to-action that could make or break a potential sale.

When your message on hold experience has a high production value, it makes a huge impression on your customers.

Crisp voice recordings show a high level of professionalism and can help you build trust with your callers.

Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand

Your on hold message experience will increase caller retention and may even eliminate the need for a live person to answer incoming inquiries.

The on hold persona will relate any information, including contact information, business hours and directions, company directory, and any other features you want to include.

Your on hold message customer experience is also the perfect time to drive traffic to your website as well as build brand awareness with a captive audience.

High-Quality Services

Having the right on hold music selection can be of significant advantage if you plan to keep your callers interested and engaged while maintaining professionalism. Our on hold recordings and on hold music can help keep your customers engaged while placing their calls on hold.

Our voice recording service eliminates silence and reduces your customers' chances of hanging up without any intention to call back. With our professional voice recording for phone systems, your client's waiting experience becomes less boring and more fun.

You can set the mood and portray your brand in whatever way you choose by using our professional voice recordings or our on hold music for business services.

The benefits of our voice recording services for music on hold productions cannot be overemphasized. We have an extensive library of royalty free music and highly engaging voice over artists that can give your business an edge over your competitors.

Why Choose Us?

royalty free music

Our customers can rely on us to deliver the best voice recording services for their businesses. Our process relies on understanding your business's needs and applying the talent of the right voice over artist to bring their magic to the recording booth.

Our customers choose us because we provide professional voice recordings that put your business at a clear advantage when it comes to customer service and customer acquisition.

voice talents

Our team of experts can improve your customer service with professional voice recordings and properly recorded voicemail greetings. With our services, you can ensure that your customers are routed to the right department with amazing voice recordings, phone systems, and IVR.

Our professional voicemail messages support a wide range of languages and enhance caller experience. Our voice recordings services will be the right fit for your business because our voice recordings offer a wide range of unique solutions for different business models.

Royalty Free On Hold Music

on hold music

Do you know what "royalty free music" means? These are musical works created by professional musicians, but who have waived the rights relating to the future use of these works, in exchange for a unique and one-time remuneration.

Amazing Voice has a very extensive catalog of royalty free music, in order to make your callers wait in the best conditions.

audio wave

We know the very great importance of music on hold. If it is well chosen, it will even act as an excellent “ambassador” for your company.

These days, the quality of music on hold has nothing to envy what you hear on streaming platforms, on the radio, in commercials or TV documentaries. True professional musicians are at work to create expressive, varied royalty free music recorded in the most professional conditions.

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