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How to Prepare Your Narration Script

We know you’ve taken lots of time to write the perfect script, but there are just a few things we want you to double-check before you send it in.
Follow the steps below to get your narration script ready to go!

Read Your Script Out Loud to Yourself

Read Your Script

This might sound a bit funny, but we want to check that you’ve left pauses (breaths) where they should go naturally. Reading your script out loud to yourself will show you where you pause.

At these pauses, you will want to add a comma, period, or other punctuation mark depending on the flow of the sentence.

Typically, we abide by a pause of one unit for a comma, a pause of two units for a period, and a pause of three units for a paragraph. This is a general rule-of-thumb, of course.

Also, take this opportunity to eliminate any run-on sentences. Alternatively, if you find yourself stopping too much, then it’s time to delete some punctuation.

Avoid Abbreviations

avoid abbreviations

Have you used any abbreviations in your script? Please write them out for us! This way, we know exactly what you want to be said, and we can pass this information on to our voice actors. Here are some examples of common abbreviations we see:

Time zones: EST should be written as Eastern Savings Time
States: LA should be written as Louisiana
Companies: INC. should be written as incorporated if that is what is desired

Specify How You Want Numbers Read

specify how you want numbers read

Does your narration script include some numbers? Tell us how you want to say them!

For example, some people prefer that 0 is read as “zero” and others as “oh”.

Please write it out as you wish to have it read.
Example: 1 eight hundred 256 zero 123.

Need Help Writing Your Script?

Start by selecting your type of narration and reading the guidelines to help you write
it exactly how you want us to say it!


A professional tone is perfect when you are looking to instill confidence in your customer that you are the most knowledgeable in the field about your expertise. The tone for a professional script will be even, with no whispered or accentuated words.

  • checkmark Avoid jargon like “y'all” and stick to professional pronouns like sir, madam, gentlemen, etc.
  • checkmark Don’t use descriptive language, and keep your message to the point.
  • checkmark Ensure all your grammar is correct and proper.


A conversational tone is recommended when creating classes for current or future employees. Conversational scripts are read in a friendly tone and whispered or accentuated words are okay.

  • checkmark Add a fun greeting like “hey, there” or “welcome back.”
  • checkmark Use contractions when able.
  • checkmark A humorous tone is okay if desired.
  • checkmark It is okay to use jokes or jargon that is common in the conversation in your region.


A sensitive voice-over is recommended when you are in a situation where the listener or viewer may be experiencing a lot of emotions. Sensitive scripts are spoken in an even, sympathetic tone.

  • checkmark Use the pronoun “we” when discussing yourself or the company.
  • checkmark Don’t make any jokes or use jargon.
  • checkmark Avoid words that sound overly harsh.
Audio Wave

Script Guidelines

Ready to write your script? Follow these guidelines as you go so we can make your script come to life just as you imagined it!

- Please specify at the top of your script, the type of narration you want (professional, conversational, sensitive).
- You may CAPITALIZE words you want to be accentuated.
- Add any notes in color, between [brackets] for any specific inflection you may desire.

You should now have a general idea of how to prepare your script for submission.

If you have any questions, or are struggling to prepare your script, don’t be afraid to contact the representatives at Amazing Voice for help!

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